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What does TPU membership entail?

Pickup members receive TPU pricing if they agree to pick up their wines Thursday-Saturday, between 11 AM and 7 PM.

Shipping members receiveTPU pricing if they agree to receive shipments in 12-bottles increments.


How do you allocate high-demand/low-supply wines?

We favor breadth over depth, so that everyone gets one bottle before anyone gets two. And our formula for prioritizing allocations includes overall orders, frequency of orders, recency of orders, and list tenure, among other factors; it’s like the BCS formula, only less scrutable.


I’m on your mailing list, but when I attempt to log in to my account, your server says that it doesn't recognize my email address. What’s happening?

While you're on our mailing list, you don't yet have a full account (with login info, billing info, etc). List members typically set up a full account when they're ready to place their first order, by clicking on a link in an offering, which will lead you to the full account setup page.


I just set up a full account, but when I click on the order links in the current (or older) offerings, I’m taken back to the account setup page. What’s happening?

You're experiencing a quirk of our account setup. Because you just created a full account, all the links in current and prior Full Pull offerings still point to the account setup page. Future offering links should work fine, and for the offering in question, please e-mail “info at fullpullwines dot com” with your order, and we’ll get it entered manually.


How can I reorder a wine I like?

If you log into your account, you can find a list of wines you have purchased in your Order History tab. On the right hand side, under the Reorder column, please utilize the link to place a reorder.


Is my wine ready for pickup?

Log into your Full Pull account and click over to the Order History tab. Any order where the status is “Confirmed” means the wine is in the warehouse and ready for pickup during TPU hours.


When do you ship wine?

We ship during two temperature-appropriate windows each year, once in Spring (typically March-May) and again in Autumn (typically October-December).


How much does shipping cost?

Exact charges will depend on the shipping location and whether it’s a commercial (cheaper) or residential (pricier) address. But the range per 12-bottle case is generally from $20 (commercial address in Washington state) to $55 (residential address on the east coast).


What is Full Pull & Friends?

Details on our private label/negociant program can be found here.