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About Full Pull

Full Pull Wines, founded in 2009, offers the best boutique wines of the world to members of our mailing list, with special focus on our home, the Pacific Northwest. There’s a better way to buy wine—and we’re here to help. At Full Pull Wines, our model is simple:

  1. We email you about wines we love.
  2. You request the bottles that sound appealing.
  3. Your wine arrives at our warehouse and is ready for pickup or shipping.
It’s that easy. There’s no monthly fee. There’s no minimum purchase. All you need to do is read about different wines and order the ones that interest you.

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Our Team

Paul Zitarelli

Paul Zitarelli, DipWSET, Owner and Editor-in-Chief, is a Harvard-trained applied-mathematician who gave all that up (well, mostly; it still comes in handy for counting bottles) for a wine-soaked flight of fancy. In 2009, he graduated from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington and converted the readership of his burgeoning wine blog into the initial list members for Full Pull® Wines. Zitarelli is now the lead wine writer for Seattle Magazine, and he is well along the path towards becoming a Master of Wine, having achieved the WSET Level 4 Diploma in 2015. When he's not tasting wine for business, he's usually tasting wines for pleasure (sometimes beer too), obsessing over the Seattle Sounders FC, and/or throwing something delicious into a sizzling pan.

Pat Malloy

Pat Malloy, Director of Operations, has been in the Seattle wine trade for twelve years and counting, after first surviving a stint in the local food industry. His expertise in driving business sales and development, building long-term relationships with happy customers, and cultivating an international presence in wine e-commerce, have brought enormous benefits to every organization he has touched. He looks forward to being a part of another growing business, building even more connections, and continuing to provide wine-lovers with the best boutique wines out there. Favorite pairing for Pat? A glass of wine and sleeping children. Pat and his wife Kelly live in West Seattle and have three kids.

Dennis Felipe

Dennis Felipe, Warehouse Manager, is the creative mastermind behind organizing the vast quantities of wine moving into and out of the Full Pull warehouse. Dennis has many years of experience in the Seattle wine trade and immediately set about making our warehouse more efficient, as well as adding his unerring work ethic and friendly demeanor to our team. He is the master of the lumpia party and a secret lover of sticky wines.

Dylan Joffe

Dylan Joffe, Director of Hospitality, has always had a love for great words and great wines—and feels immensely grateful to have found a job that allows her to explore both. When she's not writing about wine at Full Pull, she can be found writing about wine (and food) on her own blog, I'd Rather Be Meryl, and various publications including Seattle Magazine, Eater, and Thrillist. An east-coaster born and raised, Dylan came to the Pacific Northwest in the fall of 2014 and now calls Columbia City home with her sweetheart and their animal children.

Jessica Kiely

Jessica Kiely, Tasting Room/Special Projects Manager, is a Bay Area transplant who can’t seem to resist the pull of the wine industry. She started working in wine in 2011, and upon moving to Seattle in 2013, promptly started working with Sparkman Cellars in Woodinville. She continued there until summer 2018, and in that time also graduated from college, performed with half a dozen theater companies, got married, had a kid, and spent three years working as a Deafblind Intervener. She lives just north of the city with the aforementioned spouse and child, the world’s most cat-like dog, and lots of trees out back.


36 Bottles of Wine

Book cover for 36 Bottles of Wine by Paul Zitarelli

Full Pull owner Paul Zitarelli's first book, "36 Bottles of Wine" was relased on September 18, 2018 and is now available anywhere books are sold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Full Pull choose which wines to offer?

Here at Full Pull, we like to say that we kiss frogs so you don’t have to. Our staff tastes countless wines throughout the year and we offer less than  10% of those wines to our members based on quality, price, and story, among other factors.

What kind of wines do you offer?

The types of wines we offer vary, but we tend to gravitate toward wines that are well priced, tell a story, and taste great. At the moment, about 75% of the wines we offer are from our home of Washington State and the rest are from around the world. You can see all of the wines we’ve previously offered at our offer archive.

What does TPU membership entail?

The term TPU (Thursday Pick Up) is a nod to our beginnings—when we were only open for pickups on Thursdays. Now, we are open Thursday-Saturday, from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM every week. If you agree to pick up your wines during our open hours, you are eligible for a TPU membership.

Shipping members receive TPU pricing if they agree to receive shipments in 12-bottle increments during our open shipping windows.

How do you allocate high-demand/low-supply wines?

We favor breadth over depth, so that everyone gets one bottle before anyone gets two. And our formula for prioritizing allocations includes overall orders, frequency of orders, recency of orders, and list tenure, among other factors.

Is my wine ready for pickup?

Log into your Full Pull account and click over to the Order History tab. Any order where the status is “Confirmed” means the wine is in the warehouse and ready for pickup during our open hours.

Some of my wine is confirmed and some is marked as “Pending.” Why?

With most of our offers, we don't order wine until our list members place orders, and we don't confirm the wine until it arrives in the warehouse. The wines we offer come from many different sources, which means it can take varying amounts of time to arrive. We like to indicate at the bottom of our email offers how long we expect a wine to take to arrive, but it's usually 1-2 weeks.

How long will you hold my wine?

After one year, we will send you an email asking you to pick up your wine. After two years, we will probably send you another email and call you a few times. After three years, we will reclaim the wine and issue a refund if you request it.

How can I reorder a wine I like?

If you log into your account, you can find a list of wines you have purchased in your Order History tab. You can reorder any wine by clicking the link on the right hand side, under the Reorder column.

Fulfilling reorder requests is not always possible. Sometimes, the wine we offer is limited or allocated, and we always recommend ordering accordingly.

Can I place my order over the phone or through email?

The easiest and fastest way to order wine is through our email offers. If you need any help submitting an order through our website, please e-mail info@fullpullwines.com for help.

Do you have a phone number I can call?

We pride ourselves in quick responses via e-mail and have no phone number or answering machine available. If you need to talk to a live person please e-mail info@fullpullwines.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible—definitely within 24 hours.

When do you ship wine?

We ship during two temperature-appropriate windows each year, once in Spring (typically March-May) and again in Autumn (typically October-December).

How much does shipping cost?

Exact charges will depend on the shipping location and whether it’s a commercial (cheaper) or residential (pricier) address. But the range per 12-bottle case is generally from $20 (commercial address in Washington state) to $55 (residential address on the east coast).

Why hasn’t my wine shipped yet?

We only automatically ship wine during our open shipping windows. If you need wine shipped during a different time of year, please e-mail info@fullpullwines.com.

During our open shipping windows, we only ship wine in 12-bottle cases and we do not split up orders. That means if you have 11 bottles, we will not ship your wine until you have a full case. It also means that if you order 18 bottles of one wine, we will not ship your wine until you have ordered enough to fill up the second case.

What if I get a corked bottle?

Corked bottles are an unfortunate aspect of buying and selling wine. We always refund you 100% for a corked bottle; just email info@fullpullwines.com.

What’s your return policy?

We pride ourselves on the wines we offer and want you to be happy with every bottle you purchase from us. We handle all return requests on a case-by-case basis, but in general, we will replace or refund any flawed bottle within the first six months from the day you pick it up or receive it through shipping.

What is Block Wines?

Block Wines is the house winery within Full Pull. We work with winemaker Morgan Lee to create terroir-specific bottlings from some our favorite vineyards in Washington. You can read more about it here.

What is Full Pull & Friends?

Full Pull & Friends is the negociant arm of Full Pull Wines. Working with our long time winery partners, we select juice in barrel or bottle that represents exceptional opportunities for our list members.